A fun loving girl falls for a mysterious former Royal Marines Commando. After discovering his tormented past she becomes torn between love and the law. His vulnerable state of mind takes a turn for the worst and threatens to destroy them both. (Based on true events)

This motivational piece of cinema outlines Steven's past as a Royal Marines Commando, Close Protection Operative and Personal Trainer.

Become The Legend was created to empower people, encouraging them to believe in themselves and to live out their dreams.


Status:         Post Production

Director:       Nick Cohen

Producers:      Steven Bartle

                          Mark Forstater

Starring:         Roxanne Pallett

                          Steven Bartle​

Status:         Released 2014

Director:       Nick Cohen

Producer:       Steven Bartle


Starring:        Steven Bartle

Status:        Released 2015

Director:      Nick Cohen

Producer:       Steven Bartle

Starring:        Steven Bartle​

                         Andrew Coppin

                         Wayne Gordon

                         Cassandra Bell