Steven Bartle is a British actor best known for playing Ethan in Matthew Hope's All The Devil's Men. Steven was born in Sheffield, England on July the 20th 1989. He was raised in a single parent household by his mother and went on to study at Westfield secondary school, before being accepted into Royal Marine basic training at the age of 16.  Steven served as a Royal Marines Commando until 2010. He was first drafted to 45 Commando in Arbroath, Scotland before his tour of Afghanistan on Op Herrick 09 with Commando Brigade HQ. His time in the military was abruptly put to an end due to an attack on his life which left him blind in one eye and unable to fully operate as a Royal Marines Commando.

Upon leaving the military Steven spent a few years as a Personal Trainer and a Close Protection Operative, before making the transition into film. After attending acting classes in Sheffield, he knew that he had finally found his calling. He sold his house, gave up everything he knew and moved to London where he very quickly started making his mark within the industry.

In 2014 Steven Produced his first piece of motion picture Become The Legend. It didn't take long for his creativity to spark into life again as a year later he created The Wild Card alongside director Nick Cohen.  This film was a turning point for Steven as from then on his capability to deliver as a leading man was clear to all.‚Äč In 2016 Steven portrayed Marcus in George Moore's Medieval film God Save The King.  Two days into the shoot, Steven's horse reared, launching him off resulting in two broken wrists.  Fortunately he managed to finish the film and recover just in time to physically prepare for Recoil, packing on 20 pounds of muscle for his role.